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Providing all that you need.

Exterior cleaning is no game... leave it to the professionals.

Each and every job requires a specialised treatment plan based on the type of material being treated, the condition of the material being treated, and also the type and severity of the stain.

Prior to treatment a Pressure Penguins technician will undertake a
detailed assessment of your specific job. This allows us to customise our approach with regards to the water pressure and chemicals being applied to the surfaces.

The result? 

A sparklingly clean and undamaged property you are proud of.



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Our homes protect us from the harsh elements of the outdoors... but they need protecting and looking after too! Prolonged exposure to the elements without a deep and thorough clean can leave your property looking colourless, lacklustre, and unwelcoming. 

Our gentle, house washing approach allows us to remove dirt, algae and other organic build ups safely and effectively. Here is our process;

  1. Pre-assessment. We will undertake a pre-assessment of your home so that we can customise our service to your specific needs. This includes changes to the pressure and chemicals being applied.

  2. Preparation. We spend time making sure your home is prepared for treatment. This includes covering vulnerable areas of household vegetation.

  3. Cleaning. This involves application of an eco-friendly detergent, a detailed pressure washing/ soft washing procedure, and a thorough rinse.

  4. Final checks. We will complete a thorough walk around to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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It takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression of something or someone... and a clean driveway is your properties best chance of making it a great one!

Black and white spots caused by lichen, algae, moss, weeds, and general dirt can leave your driveway/ patio looking dull, grimy and unsightly...

We at Pressure Penguins are committed to changing that for you! Our cutting-edge equipment, powerful cleaning solutions, and unrelenting attention to detail means you can count on us to brighten up your driveway or patio.


No matter the type of surface, we have the tools and expertise to revitalise it for you; 

  • Block paving.

  • Sandstone.

  • Crazy Paving

  • Resin bound.

  • Imprinted concrete. 

  • Tarmac.


A well cared for decking can revolutionise any garden or outdoor space... but they can very quickly descend into being discoloured, and slippy eye-sores if they are not looked after and cleaned properly! 

The Pressure Penguins team offer a professional decking cleaning service in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent.

Our precise cleaning methods will vary depending on the type and condition of decking being treated.

In most cases, a delicate soft washing technique combined with pre and post clean chemical treatment will have your decking looking its brilliant best. 

Request a quote today and one of our technicians will be happy to discuss the best treatment for your individual case!

Trust us to rejuvenate your decking!

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Cleaning a Rain Gutter


Gutter cleaning is essential and can be dangerous if attempted by an untrained individual without the right equipment. 

Here is why it's important to get yours cleaned at least once per year: 

• Increasing kerb appeal - over time algae and traffic film covers the external surfaces of your gutters, soffits and fascias, making your home look drab. It deserves better than that! 


• Preventing water damage - in the UK climate moss grows like wildfire. Moss from your roof plus leaves from surrounding trees can clog up your gutter internals preventing them from draining properly. This can cause a serious of costly problems from; mould and damp on internal walls to damaged foundations.

• Preserving the life span of your gutters - replacing gutters is a costly enterprise, a particularly when you consider that it is completely avoidable with regular cleaning.


Fencing and external walling can set off your home beautifully, but only if they are clean!

Over time they become coated with various organic contaminants such as pollen, algae, and lichen which significantly damage their physical appeal!

Need not worry...

Pressure Penguins offer a professional, efficient and cost-effective fence washing service. 

Feel free to request this service as a standalone or as an add on to another of our services!

As with our decking service please be wary that our service may strip away powder coating, paint, or staining during the cleaning process. Therefore re-staining/ painting may be a requirement... but this should be completed as part of your wood care routine anyway!


Wooden Fence Panels


Horses (or should we say Penguins) for courses.

While high-pressure cleaning methods can be highly effective, they must only be used when it is appropriate. This is because high-pressure water jets can cause significant damage to certain surface materials

Your Pressure Penguins technician will make an assessment of your property and its associated needs. In the event of high-pressure services being inappropriate a soft washing approach will be undertaken.

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning technique that is used to remove dirt, moss, algae, and lichen from potentially fragile surfaces. 

Specifically formulated detergents will be applied to using an agitator (e.g. a soft brush) and then allowed to time to breakdown the organic debris that is invading your surface. This will be followed by a thorough rinse and clean to finish the process.


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